Accounting Software Training

Whether in the cloud, or native to an operating device, current software program tools for business operators are often unproductive. This is because staff members do not receive proper software training after acquisition. Employees have full days on their calendar, a lack of time for new projects, and no one that is sufficiently knowledgeable to provide them with the training. We can help in this area, as we are not only experts at selecting the correct accounting software for a business, but we can also supply the right coach and mentor to help any staff member understand the program protocol. This is true regardless of their current state of understanding.

Service Benefits

When your staff members are fully trained on your accounting software, it not only provides you with quicker business information, but you also help save time during tax season.

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Off site work possibility
  • Higher employee engagement

Service Features

In addition to our staff training service, we will also make recommendations on the appropriate software for your business.

  • ‘Quick track’ + comprehensive training
  • One to one or small group trainers