Deeth & Co. - Industries: Agriculture

One of the biggest challenges with running an agriculture related operation is constant cash flow. Weather, legislation changes, qualified help shortages, and cash flow unpredictability all conspire to make the agribusiness sector a string of challenges. Yearly budgets that consider all the unique factors that are part of an Agribusiness can go a long way to smoothing out the ebbs and flows that take place throughout the seasons.

Analyzing yields, field profitability, and output versus investment can be crucial exercises for eliminating what is not working and isolating the profit sectors where more focus would bring more cash flow. An Agribusinesses will also have special depreciation concerns due to their large capital outlays for business equipment. Annual plans can take this into account as well as address income averaging, income deferral, retirement planning, and crop insurance planning.


  • Retirement / Transition advice
  • Agribusiness valuation